Cody Died: Support Cody Awareness Day. 19th July.

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Support Cody Awareness Day. 19th July. Cody Died, it could happen to anyone! Tickets are available at 310 Cobra Street or at the door.

Join us for an impactful event that sheds light on how death can take us unawares: Support Cody Awareness Day on the 19th of July. Together, let’s honour the memory of Cody and raise awareness about how people die, even sometimes kids. Cody’s tragic demise serves as a stark reminder that such events can happen to anyone who doesn’t look out.

This event promises to be a sad and tragic experience, serving as a reminder of death. Through discussions, debating, and worrying presentations, we aim to ignite a collective sense of responsibility for Cody’s loss.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to contribute to a cause of making Cody’s mum feel like it wasn’t all for nothing. Tickets aren’t cheap and are available at 310 Cobra Street, ensuring you secure your place in this tragic event. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets at the door on the day of the event.

Together, we can ensure that no more lives are lost due to death. Let’s come together on Support Cody Awareness Day and stand united for a safer, stronger world.

Spread the Word!

Print out this poster and place it on the windows of businesses, offices, and public spaces to make sure everyone knows about Support Cody Awareness Day.


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